Living and working in Saudi المعيشة والعمل في السعودية

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation where the Qu’ran governs the way Muslims should live their life and the path they should follow. Saudi Arabia is fast transforming into one of the world’s most competitive economies and is an attractive place for expats to live and work.
The Islamic way of living offers a unique experience for anyone spending time amongst the Saudi people. There are obvious differences, for example the working week is Sunday to Thursday; men and women are strictly segregated in public; and alcohol is forbidden throughout the Kingdom. Here are some Cultural Guidelines for working in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the largest state in Western Asia by land area and the second-largest in the Arab world (after Algeria). Its population is estimated to consist of 16 million citizens and an additional 11 million registered foreign expatriates and immigrants. 

TABUK منطقة تبوك

The Tabuk منطقة تبوك Region, also spelled Tabouk is a region of Saudi Arabaia, located along the north-west coast of the country, facing Egypt across the Red Sea. The history of the Tabuk region dates back to 3,5000 years ago. The region exports flowers to Europe including gladiola, lilies and statices. We are opening one male college in Umluj City and one male and one female college Al Wajh City.

The climate in this area is mild in the summer when the average temperature reaches 29 degrees Celsius. During winter the average is 17 degrees Celsius although it can sometimes fall below zero. There is little rain in the area with an annual average of only 50 mm. Western, northwestern, and southwestern winds blow all year round.

UMLUJ CITY مدينة أملج

​The three colleges are in the Tabuk region approximately 1.5 – 2 hours drive from each other on the west coast of Saudi. There is one male college in Umluj city and two colleges in Al wahj city, one male and one female.

AL WAJH CITY مدينة الوجه

Al Wajh is a coastal town in northwestern Saudi Arabia, situated on the coast of the Red Sea. The town is located in the Tabuk Province. It is a comparatively small town where fishing is a primary activity of the town's residents and the port is the central location where this occurs - the Al Wajh port used to be one of the main shipping centres in the region 50 years ago. 

WOMEN IN SAUDI المرأة في السعودية​

The experience for women in Saudi is different to other countries. Education is segregated and we will be operating one female college. This means all staff and students must be female which is a great career opportunity. Here is some information but also explore the following link with information mainly for women who travel to Saudi with their husbands and families.

- Women working at the college will be transported to and from the college as women cannot drive in Saudi
- Women will wear abayas to respect the countries customs. An abaya is a simple, loose over- dress, traditionally black which covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands
- There will be women’s accommodation provided for staff.

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